Summer Fair 2018

This year St. Laurence-In-Thanet Church held another wonderfully successful Summer Fair on Saturday 11th August.  We were honoured to have the presence of not only good numbers of visitors but also the Ramsgate Mayor Trevor Skonk and the Miss Ramsgate court.

Stalls aplenty with games, raffles, cakes and beer, organiser Zoe Story (PCC Secretarial) led a willing team of volunteers to raise a total of £1,356 for the Church, our huge thanks go to her and the volunteers for their hard work in putting together such a lovely event!

Special mention must go to Rev. Andrew Jacobson, Rev. Peter Bone and a local Funeral Director who were put into the stocks for a soaking with sponges, which progressed on to soaking with buckets to leave them thoroughly drenched!


Thank you to everyone who attended and supported this perfect event.